Having been a therapist for 7 years, I like to find out what my client expects before the massage or aromatherapy treatment begins.
This enables me to:

  • Plan the treatment
  • Manage time
  • Create a service that is effective and most importantly – what the client wants

Often I say to my daughter “if you don’t tell anyone what you want you most likely won’t get it”.

I like to check in throughout the massage also to make sure:

  • My client is comfortable
  • The pressure of massage is not too hard/soft
  • Room temperature is warm/cool enough

A great therapist welcomes your input throughout.

Don’t think that the practitioner is the boss and you need to take what is dealt.

  • It is your body
  • It is your special time
  • And you are paying for it.


A therapist may advise what they think is best, but ultimately the decision is up to you, unless of course it is unsafe or unethical.

Communication between yourself and the practitioner makes for a happy client/therapist relationship and enables massage to be a total relaxation experience! Or a slightly painful, knot rubbing experience if you prefer a deeper tissue massage.

I encourage you to ask to see qualifications, if they are not displayed.
Massage Therapists in Australia with Certificate 4 in Massage or higher are suitably qualified and have been trained by accredited instructors with the training accreditation council (which should also be displayed on the qualification).

Massage Therapists study human biology, anatomy and physiology (bones and joints, muscles, soft tissues including the skin and organs), communication and counselling, ethics, consultation and treatment planning, first aid, and very importantly safety and hygiene and much more.


A qualified therapist in Australia would normally be an accredited member of a professional association that enables them to be suitably insured for their practise. This may be another question you may wish to ask.

A therapist will be more than happy to show you their qualifications and association membership, so ask away, and make sure you are getting the service of a qualified practitioner if that is what you expect.