Aromatic Medicine and Aromatherapy

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Aromatic Medicine and Clinical aromatherapy are both a safe and effective form of healthcare.

An aromatic medicine practitioner uses pure essential oils and plant extracts that are extracted from aromatic plant matter.

Under professional guidance, these effective natural therapies may be safe for use with:

  • Babies
  • Children
  • Teens
  • adults and the elderly in all stages of life

Aromatic Medicine and Clinical Aromatherapy can assist with:

  • symptoms of cold/flu
  • to induce sleep
  • infections and wound care
  • respiratory ailments
  • headaches
  • to repel insects and soothe their bites
  • to improve mind, mood and emotions
  • to ease pain and inflammation
  • skin and hair conditions and much more

Essential oils are also used as a preventative medicine to help fight off and kill bacteria/fungi.
Call or email now for more information, and learn how ‘mother natures gift of medicine’ can help you.


Aromatherapy massage (Micheline Arcier technique)

A very gentle, and nurturing massage. Combining techniques of swedish massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular, polarity therapy and reflexology. This gentle massage is wonderful for the autonomic nervous system to rescue, revive and renew.

After a consultation, an essential oil blend is designed for your massage.  Enjoy!  Mobile service available.

Aromatherapy or Aromatic Medicine consultation

Time to discuss client health conditions, needs and expectations, and choose an appropriate action or treatment plan.

Products required to be made will cost extra and prices are quoted before production, such as creams, balms, aromatic medicine, inhalation blends.                                        Aromatherapy consultations are a wonderful path for anyone wanting to cut down on medication or seeking alternatives. Aromatherapy can work well with your current medication.

Call or email now and discover how aromatherapy can help you.

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